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Personalized Sheet Music for Singers




•  Make the move to singing live! Going to Open Mics prepared with sheet music will make you look like a Pro and will make the band very happy. Bands are not happy when a signer comes up not knowing their key, tempo, or even which song to sing.
•  With just a quick phone conversation, we can quickly help you determine which key and tempo is best for you.
•  Personalized song intros and endings can come from you, or we can provide them.
•  Clean, easy-to-read lead sheets that any band would be happy to work with.
•  Print-ready, hi-rez PDFs. Please check out the lead sheets above.
•  Fast turnaround and very affordable. If not completely satisfied, you pay nothing.
•  Music prep from a Pro with decades of experience in music transcription, arranging, and performance (Madonna, Linda Rondstat, Rikki Lee Jones, Art Garfunkle, David Foster, Harry Chapin, and Richard Carpenter, among others.



Take the leap from Karaoke to live singing at Open Mic's with a backup band! Being prepared with music lead sheets will instantly put you in good favor with the band. They'll want to know your key, tempo, and how you'd like the song to start. Our personalized lead sheets will provide the band with all this info and more.

If you can sing or hum a few bars of your songs, even over the phone, we can do the rest. Our personalized, ready-to-print, high-resolution PDFs will contain all the important info any band would need (including melody, chords, vocal-cues, intros, and outros). Start sounding like a pro!

Thanks for the interest! Any questions welcomed.



"Thanks for the very nice transcription. It's so easy to read and the page turns are just right. I played through it and no mistakes!" — Justine, Walnut Creek



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